Tango Mode

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This season Lotta draws her inspiration from the world of every day mental hideouts.
Where does the mind wander to within those moments spent out of focus? Where does the mind go to while scribbling on a piece of paper and listening to your favorite songs? Where does it go to while you are absorbed in thought and gaze out of the window? Or where does it hide in the morning while you watch people squeezing through the subway doors in a hurry not to get to work too late?

All of a sudden a movement, a detail, a colour catches Lotta’s eye. It alights and creates a picture, flashing up in front of her eyes and forming a story or an idea to a design.

Within this fall/ winter collection silhouettes of past times clash into the simple and modern alignment which characterizes NUSUM. The new designs play with movement and colour. The cut of every Nusum piece is designed to fit the wearer perfectly and make her feel comfortable all day long. Combined with the use of high-quality fabrics, it creates harmonious proportions meant the emphasize the beauty of the female figure.

“In between time” is the fifth collection Lotta Meyer has designed for the Label NUSUM. The collection connects the past with the present creating a daydream to wrap yourself in and dream on.