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Life is a path, a journey. A transformation. A movement. A line meandering through time with many twists and turns.
It's the journey that counts. It lies ahead of you and behind you. Every step you take becomes part of the path on which you have tread.
The central theme of the NUSUM Fall, Winter collection 2015, 16 is the journey as a powerful symbol of life with all its many developments.
The designs' lines correspond to the movements in life. The selection of the materials and the high quality workmanship symbolize the different facets of a long journey. Many single impressions fall into place to become one.

NUSUM designs stay true to four principles: they emphasize the strength and beauty of the figure. They do not define the body: they emphasize it and make it a central part of the creative design. They are comfortable to wear. And they follow the classic aesthetic, which makes NUSUM both unique and timeless.

The collection can be bought in the atelier | shop in the Hochallee in Hamburg and in select shops. After a personal consultation with the designer all models can be made to measure.

Sustainability is important for both us and the design of our collection. We are proud to design long lasting clothes which will retain their original form and cut for years. Furthermore, all our clothes are produced as environmentally friendly as possible. This principle is central to our design. You will not find short lived fashion fads in NUSUM collections. In addition, alll models in our collection are made in small regional businesses in Germany.