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Four years after the first NUSUM collection we are coming full circle. Once again, the subject of our studies is a simple question: What is courage? This topic is more important than ever due to the current political situation worldwide. Courage that manifests itself in an acceptance for the unknown has become exceedingly rare in our lives. People are closing their hearts and their borders. Strength is defined by locking out and excluding anything foreign.

The NUSUM Fall | Winter collection 2017 / 18 would like to show you what we understand as courage: Strength includes essential opposites, is strong, but also delicate. Strength is straight-lined and curved, but most of all, strength can never be mislead. These aspects we pick up through the layout of the lines, the choice of material as well as the manufacturing and present in a textile form.
We believe that the world thrives off of exchange, sharing, openminded people and strong hearts.