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Every fashion collection starts with an idea. Lotta spends lots of time in her studio with her watercolours and her pencils. Until the first design takes form, weeks can pass. In order to design this collection Lotta took inspiration from her favorite childhood book character Pippilotta Longstocking. It was not just the shared first name that made Pippi Lotta’s childhood heroine. It’s been a while and it stands to assume that even Pippi might have grown up, the freckled girl with long fire red braids and a memory of past adventures. Lotta thinks that Pippi’s attitude towards life and her unconditional love for it remains unchanged: young, idealistic, honest, impulsive and happy. She is convinced that Pippi remains true to herself, that she puts trust in the positive forces of life and in her own abilities and still lives in her own world without fail and with a sparkle in her eyes.
These are the feelings that inspired the collection ss14. Skillfully Lotta merges the youthful innocence of her inspiration with a more grown-up elegance of design. She combines fabrics and colours that accentuate every woman’s natural beauty. Lotta develops patterns that provide support and freedom of movement at the same time. This central ideal guides all of Lotta’s designs: that clothing should not restrict movement but rather support it. Lotta believes that one has to be able to climb a tree even while wearing a dress.
That is what Lotta believes Pippilotta Longstocking would be like growing up…
Lotta imagines that Pippilotta Longstocking would have shared her ideas had she grown up… What do you think?