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Warm, sweet smelling air caressing your skin while the twilight sets in. Under your feet the sand, still slightly warm from the day's sun, already cooling off in the night air. The feeling of weightlessness. A last sun beam tickles your face, glowing after a day in the salty sea air. You let your thoughts wander while looking into the endlessness of the darkening ocean.
In your mind, everything is glowing. You are not contemplating the future, nor reminiscing about the past. Everything is serene. You are here. In this moment. In the now. In the weightlessness.
The NUSUM spring | summer collection 2015 is practically weightless as well. The lines are gentle, like the evening breeze on the beach stroking your skin, but they also show strength and resolution. They are strong while being delicate. The materials are soft, lightweight and follow the flow of the wearer's movements. They caress the wearer while giving the freedom to move. NUSUM clothes accentuate a woman's beauty and strength without limiting her. This collection does not define the body, it emphasizes the body and makes the wearer the centerpiece of the creation.
The pieces of this year's collection unify three central ideas. They accentuate the attractiveness of the female figure, they are “easy” and comfortable to wear, and they pertain to the classical aesthetics, which are central to all NUSUM collections and which make the pieces timeless classics.