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a fashion-project

The fashion project NUSUM is foundet in the year of 2011.

The name “NUSUM” can be translated by: I am now, as a composition of the Swedish word “nu” and the Latin word “sum”.

Lotta’s designs arise from her deep sense for movement, proportions and colors within her environment. She captures the beauty and elegance of the rough city life in her sketchbook and then transfers the impressions to her designs made from fabric and thread.

Starting as a search for more self-confidence NUSUM developed into a platform to talk about clothes. According to Lotta clothes are a very powerful tool. Clothes can define or loosen up boundaries, they can start a conversation and help to convey opinions.
What we buy ore don’t buy and how we dress is no longer a decision only for yourselves, with our purchase we support an industry that is one of the most polluting industries on our planet. If we decide for fast fashion, we support in a way suppression, modern day slavery as well as a massive environmental pollution.
Designs made within this project range from single pieces towards little series that will work with one theme. Whereby every design is a single copy.
Within her position as personal stylist, Lotta also works together with her clients to develop personal designs. According to Lotta there is nothing more sustainable than a piece of clothing that has the perfect fit and will therefore last for a long time.