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Lotta Nusum

Fashion from Hamburg

Lotta´s designs arise from her deep sense for the movement, proportions and colours in her environment. She captured the beauty and elegance of rough city life in her sketchbook, which is filled with a year's worth of drawings, small fabric swatches and minute details. A central theme began to evolve throughout the sketches, which led to the development of the idea for NUSUM's first collection. Chaos and uncertainty made way for serenity and newfound strength. NUSUM is derived from Latin and means: I am now. Perfect in this exact moment.

The Word NUSUM is a composition of the Swedish word “nu” and the Latin word “sum”, so NUSUM can be translated: I am now. Perfect exactly in this moment.
Every piece made by NUSUM incorporates a timeless elegance, which makes it wearable throughout many seasons while being combined with different accessories to follow the seasonal trend.

The collection is available at our shop at Hochallee118 in Hamburg as well with select stores. Every model can be made-to-measure within our atelier. Please contact us to schedule a personal appointment at our atelier. The address can be found under “contact”.

Sustainability is very important to us. It is given importance during the individual design process. Therefore trend born one-hit wonders are not to be found in our collections. We design clothes that are made to have a long life. Clothes that will stay dimensionally stable and that are produced in accordance with high ecological standards. We only produce in Germany.